CIS 1111 online: Android Apps with App Inventor

Sinclair is excited to offer the Mobile App Development version of CIS 1111: Introduction to Problem Solving and Computer Programming online.

  • Learn to design and develop Android™ apps in a convenient online environment.
  • Use Google's App Inventor, a free Android™ application development tool.
  • No Android™ or smart phone needed. App Inventor includes a free smart phone emulator you can run on your computer to mimic the Android™ platform.
  • No programming experience required. This course is an introductory programming course.

Learn about:

  • Mobile app technology
  • Setting up App Inventor
  • Designer blocks and editor
  • Components and blocks
  • Properties, events and methods
  • Multimedia
  • Program development basics
  • Storage and databases
  • Graphics and animation
  • Sensors
  • Communications

How Do I Sign Up?

Register for CIS 1111, Section 240 or 241. These are the online Android Apps versions of the course. NOTE: Only the online sections of CIS 1111 focus on this Android™ app-building curriculum.

Want to Learn More?

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