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Accelerate IT Programs and Courses

Network Engineering Associate

Prepare for the Cisco CCNA certification exam and a career as a Network Security Analyst, Network Architect or Network Engineer.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

Prepare for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification exam and start a career in network and system administration or computer and network management.

Fast Track Programming

Update your programming skill set by becoming proficient in the latest software development languages and approaches, object-oriented concepts and database theory. Get employed as a software developer, web developer, network administrator, user support specialist or network security analyst.

Network +

Prepare for the CompTIA Network + certification exam by taking CIS 1130 Network Fundamentals. Learn about the Open Source Interconnection (OSI) model, topologies and Ethernet standards, network hardware, remote connectivity, network security, troubleshooting and more.

Network Security +

Prepare for the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam by taking CIS 2640 Network Security. Study network vulnerabilities and attacks, network defenses, wireless network security, access control, network auditing and cryptography.

IT Fundamentals

Prepare for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam and learn the basic industry skills needed to get hired or prepare for further training in information technology. The full IT Fundamentals certificate will be available Fall 2014.

  • CIS 1107, Introduction to Operating Systems
  • CIS 1130, Network Fundamentals
  • CIS 1111, Intro to Problem Solving & Computer Programming
  • CIS 1140, Information Systems Analysis & Design
  • CIS 2165, Database Management
  • BIS 1120, Computer Concepts & Applications
Career Information

There are many opportunities available for graduates of our Accelerate IT certificate programs. Check out current job openings in the Dayton area with the Career Coach tool. Just type in your desired occupation to see current IT opportunities including wage and other employment information.

Taking Individual Courses through Accelerate IT

Students may take individual Accelerate IT courses without being enrolled in an entire Accelerate IT program. All Accelerate IT courses can be found in Sinclair's online Schedule Planner. Accelerate IT courses will be notated with the phrase competency based learning. An Academic Coach can register you for these courses after you've completed the required admissions steps. To get started in a program or an individual course, talk to the Accelerate IT Admissions Counselor.

Programs Coming Soon
  • Computer Information Systems/Network Engineering Associate of Applied Science
  • Computer Information Systems/Network Manager Associate of Applied Science
  • Computer Information Systems/Software Development Associate of Applied Science