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Accelerate IT Policies and Requirements

Requirements for participation in competency-based Accelerate IT program at Sinclair:

You must complete all of the core courses in your major in the competency-based format.

Successful Course Completion
You must pass each graded assignment in a competency-based course with a score of 80% or higher. This includes all assignments, labs and exams. If you are unable to earn a score of 80% or higher, you will be permitted to complete the course as if it were a traditional online course, but you will not be able to continue in the competency-based Accelerate IT program.

Chapter Quizzes
Each Accelerate IT course will contain chapter quizzes to help you gain mastery of course topics. Chapter quizzes must be completed in the chronological order they are offered in the course, and subsequent quizzes will not be unlocked in the course until the previous quiz has been completed with an 80% or better (for example, you may not take quiz two until you have successfully completed quiz one). You are allowed unlimited attempts at chapter quizzes.

Labs, Midterms and Final Examinations
You do not have unlimited attempts at successfully completing labs, midterms and final examinations with an 80% or better. Practice exams are available in every course for both midterms and final exams. Students are strongly encouraged to use practice exams prior to testing. Testing and retake policy for labs, midterms and final examinations are as follows:

  • First Attempt: You may take a lab, midterm or final examination after successfully completing each of the assignments, quizzes or labs that precede the lab, midterm or final in question.
  • Second Attempt: If you do not pass the lab, midterm or final examination with an 80% or better, you may request a second attempt from your instructor. There is a 48-hour waiting period before you may attempt a retake.
  • Third Attempt: If you do not pass a lab, midterm or final examination on the second attempt, you must submit a remediation plan to be considered for a third attempt. A remediation plan should fully describe how you plan to succeed on a third attempt. A third attempt is granted at the instructor's discretion.