Theatre Department

Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST), Sinclair Community College's Theatre Department is in the spotlight.

On August 17, the Dayton theatre community was recognized for their outstanding performances during the 2007–08 theatrical season. During the fifth annual DayTony Awards Ceremony, Sinclair students, faculty and staff brought home 19 awards. These awards are given to recognize outstanding theatrical contributions across the Miami Valley in three categories: professional, collegiate and community.


Collegiate Awards of Excellence

Set Design: Terry Stump – Something's Afoot
Music Composition: John Parcell – Ama and the White Crane

Collegiate Awards of Merit

Acting (Guest): Renee Franck Reed – Something's Afoot
Acting (Supporting): Seth Norris – Ama and the White Crane; Chaney Morrow – Something's Afoot; Graci Carli – Something's Afoot
Direction: Nelson Sheeley – Something's Afoot
Ensemble: Cast of Something's Afoot
Kate Hunt, Corety Callahan, Renee Franck Reed, Tony Sollenberger, Graci Carli, Chaney Mason Morrow, Rebecca Nartker, Keith Stidham, Robert Martin, Patrick Greco
Lighting Design: Gina Neuerer – Ama and the White Crane
Music Direction: John Parcell – Ama and the White Crane; John Faas – Something's Afoot
Set Design: Terry Stump – Ama and the White Crane
Choreography: Wendy Ferrero – Something's Afoot
Special Effects: D. Tristan Cupp – Ama and the White Crane; Jaeson Jackson, Bryan Miller, Andrew Graupmann and Nate Springer – Something's Afoot
Highest Ranking Production in the Sinclair Community College Season: Ama and the White Crane

Professional Awards of Excellence

Properties: Daniel Libecap – Snapshots, Human Race Theatre
Acting: Scott Stoney, Shenandoah, Human Race Theatre Company

Professional Awards of Merit

Set Design: Terry Stump – Rabbit Hole

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