New Sinclair360 Focuses on Jobs

Finding the right fit
Thousands of displaced workers have turned to Sinclair Community College to help them find their next career.

; Kevin DeBord has easily found work through the years as a machinist and die maker. At age 40 he was making a solid living and raising two teenagers with his wife, as he followed in the tool-and-die career of his father and uncles.

But last year, laid off from a local machine shop, DeBord found himself struggling to find jobs that he was qualified to do; the companies wanted workers with technology skills that he just didn’t have. At his brother’s urging, he took a tour of Sinclair Community College. Before he knew it, he was a midlife college student.

“I have 20 years’ experience, but it’s from the school of hard knocks,” he said. “Now I have to produce a certificate to even get looked at.”

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