Africana Studies Announces Winter 2009 Offerings

Dayton, OH- The challenges of globalization and national financial crisis will be the focus of the courses being offered by the Sinclair's African American Studies program during the Winter 2009 term, beginning on January 5. Winter term registration begins November 3.

The African American Studies program is offering an Introduction to African American Studies (AFR 111 & AFR 112) courses series. These courses are concerned with national and international struggles of the past and present to achieve peace, justice and non-violence in the face of personal and human suffering.

An Introduction to African Literature (LIT 297-01) is being offered to promote an understanding of African life and diverse cultures and peoples.

The new course of the Civil Rights Movement (AFR 297-50) is being offered to help students better understand how the US and the world have been impacted by this movement. Enroll now to learn how African American Studies can promote your academic and career growth.

Sinclair's African American Studies program began in 1992 and provides personal, professional, leadership and community development skills to all students. For more information about this course or Sinclair's other African American Studies courses, call Dr. Boikai Twe at (937) 512-2913 or write