Summer Art Exhibits Open on Campus

Three Summer art exhibits open Tuesday, June 17, at galleries within Building 13.  All will remain through August 8.

The works of painter David Hannon can be found in the Burnell Roberts Triangle Gallery on the fourth floor.  Hannon is an Assistant Professor of Painting at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  “In this exhibition I have arranged my paintings into three distinct groups: traditional landscape, dark narrative, and elevated horizons or vistas.  Dividing my work into these groups allows the viewer to experience each painting in a more focused and intimate manner.”

The sculpture works of Kate Bauman can be found in the Hypotenuse Gallery on the third floor and a few larger pieces in the Triangle Gallery.

Bauman is a sculptor living in Lake City, Minnesota.  “As a material, clay documents every process it encounters-- every nuance of its making. This ancient recording device of human art and activity acts as the perfect medium through which to explore my stories of experiences and relationships.”

The photographs of Wayne Durrill, taken at Burnet Woods Pond near the University of Cincinnati, can be found in the Zone VI Gallery on the third floor.

Durrill is a History professor at the University of Cincinnati.  “My point is not to produce a convincing depiction of a pond, but an interesting object in its own right—a visually compelling picture, a composition of forms and colors that make viewers scratch their heads and wonder how I got such a photograph—a visual puzzle, in other words.”

Special thanks to Galleries Coordinator Pat McClelland for mounting the exhibits and providing assistance for this communication.