Sinclair Hosts Legislators for Energy Center Open House

Dayton, OH – On Wednesday, August 26, Sinclair Community College hosted local legislators and congressional staff to the First Annual Center of Energy Legislative Open House on the Dayton campus.

Dr. Steven Lee Johnson, president of Sinclair, welcomed more than a dozen state representatives, state senators and congressional district representatives to Sinclair, emphasizing the record-setting enrollment, student body diversity and overwhelming demand for alternative energy education. Dr. George Sehi, Professor Bob Gilbert, and student Howard Ducker reinforced these points as they highlighted the many achievements and attention given to Sinclair’s energy curriculum.

“The Open House was a great opportunity for us to share with legislators the important work being done in Dayton to educate our local workforce for the jobs of the future,” said Dr. Johnson.

A tour of the energy laboratory was offered at the end of the forum. Lawmakers were given an opportunity to experience the classroom setting and learn more about the specific needs and pieces of equipment, including a hydrogen fuel cell, photovoltaic panel, wind turbine, biodiesel converter, Energy Star mock-up and ethanol distillery.

According to a recent article in The Chronicle for Higher Education, community colleges play a pivotal role in pushing our fossil-fuel-dependent economy toward a reliance on renewable energy. Sinclair’s Energy Education Lab is just one of the many ways the college is helping to reeducate the region’s displaced blue-collar workforce for the green-collar jobs of tomorrow.

“Sinclair continually strives to update programs and match the needs of employers in our region and employers are telling us that the development and realization of green energy solutions are where they are seeing growth.”

Sinclair was recently featured in international news for their conversion of cafeteria grease to biodiesel fuel in lawn care equipment, and was also spotlighted by the New York Times for their workforce development initiatives.

For more information on Sinclair’s Energy Education Center, visit or call 937/512-2918.


Natasha Baker, APR


Director of Public Relations


Sinclair Community College


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