Sinclair Signs Agreement for Preble County Learning Center

Dayton, OH- Officials from the Preble County Youth Foundation, the Greater Dayton YMCA and Sinclair Community College signed a lease agreement and memorandum of understanding today. The three organizations will continue the development, construction and operation of the Preble County Learning Center located adjacent to the Preble County YMCA in Eaton, Ohio.

Sinclair received an invitation to become the higher education partner of the Preble County Youth Foundation late in 2008. The Youth Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing programs and facilities for the youth of Preble County.

Preble County Youth Foundation raised $1.6 million to build a 10,000 square foot learning center at the existing YMCA facility. The learning center will have seven classrooms and a computer lab. The building will also include the addition of 120 parking spaces.

“The $1.6 million raised by the Preble County Youth Foundation has made the learning center a possibility,” said Dr. Steven Lee Johnson, president of Sinclair. “This is a remarkably important, generous and needed contribution that allows us to begin expanding access to college education in the region.”

The partnership agreement to create the Preble County Learning Center directly aligns with the University System of Ohio Master Plan. The plan instructs colleges and universities to expand access for more Ohio residents without adding new facilities.

Preble County has the lowest college attainment rate in its eight-county region. Each year, approximately 1300 of the county’s 44,000 residents enroll in Ohio public higher education.

The Preble County Youth Foundation hopes to open the learning center in time for fall quarter 2009.

Contact: Natasha Baker, APR
Director of Public Relations
Sinclair Community College
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