Behind the Scenes in American Politics with P.F. Bentley

Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 2 p.m.
Building 14, the CIL Forum (Room 14130)

Sponsored by the Visiting Scholars program, made possible through a generous donation from John and Connie Taylor

Award-winning photojournalist and photographer P.F. Bentley will visit the Sinclair Community College campus on Thursday, October 18. He will give a brief formal presentation, then answer questions from students and the Sinclair Community at 2 p.m. in the CIL Forum (Building 14). A brief reception will follow.

Throughout his career, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker P.F. Bentley has covered domestic and international politics. Bentley is known and respected throughout the print and broadcast community for earning unprecedented access to presidential candidates, heads of state and Capitol Hill. He was the first photojournalist to shoot on the House floor while in session. Bentley was behind the scenes with President Bill Clinton for his last week in office, Inauguration Day, January 20, 2001, and his last trip on Air Force One to his new life as “Citizen Clinton.”

Bentley returned to Washington after September 11, 2001 for Newsweek Magazine to be with lawmakers behind the scenes on Capitol Hill in the wake of the terrorist attacks and subsequent Anthrax crisis. Included in this coverage was his widely acclaimed photograph of President Bush in prayer before speaking to a Joint Session of Congress on September 20. In January of 2002, Bentley was once again on the House floor to photograph President Bush as he began his historic State of the Union address.

Bentley has covered every presidential campaign and photographed every serious presidential contender since 1980, including Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bob Dole, Michael Dukakis, Walter Mondale, Geraldine Ferraro, Jesse Jackson, John Glenn, Al Gore, Dick Gephardt, Pat Buchanan, Bill Bradley and Bill Clinton.

He has been a Special Correspondent for Time Magazine and has been published in the New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post and in newspapers and magazines around the world.

Bentley has also traveled extensively, capturing on film some the world's most closely followed political events. During the past few years, he has made eight trips to Fidel Castro's Cuba and sixteen trips to Haiti to photograph the chaotic and often deadly ongoing political turmoil. He covered the collapse of the Noriega regime and the ever-changing political landscape in Panama; Kim Dae Jung's return to South Korea; and the Christiani campaign in El Salvador.

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