2010 Adjuncts of the Year Announced

Adjunct Award WinnersCongratulations to all of the 2010 Divisional Adjunct of the Year Winners. Nominated for their service to the college and their students, each has filled a specific role that made them natural choices for this honor.

Kathleen Gish- Sociology

Kathleen has been an adjunct at Sinclair since Fall 2007. Her nominee explained that Kathleen has updated an existing course, ‘Popular Culture,’ to highlight a new field in sociology. Her revision focuses on the study of the role of food in popular culture, called gastronomy. Her students have reported that it is an eye-opening way to study culture and makes them think more about the food choices they make.

Kathleen has also worked with colleagues in the department to develop courses on the sociology of gender for a future Gender Studies Certificate. She was a member of the faculty team that is transforming courses from quarters to semesters.

Tom Hall- Life and Health Science

Tom has taught in the Allied Health Instruction department since Fall 2004. According to his nominator, Tom is a great asset to the Allied Health Instruction department. His skills as an adjunct faculty member are greatly appreciated and he serves as a great role model to students. His primary focus is directed to the needs of the students and uses a balanced approach that is outcome-focused and promotes student success. His positive “can-do” attitude results in consistent goal attainment at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Karl Konsdorf- Computer Information Systems
An adjunct since 1999, Karl was very instrumental in the designing of the new Computer Information Systems (CIS) Data Analytics Short-Term Technical Certificate. He is a content expert in the area of database management systems for Sinclair Community College and provides faculty with curriculum, industry standards, competencies, and relevant career information. His nominator pointed out that, were it not for his significant knowledge base and willingness to share his talents, this new program would not have been developed. This was the first new certificate created in CIS since 2007.

Karl advocated with Business Analytics and Business Intelligence Software and Services group (SAS) to decrease the fees associated with licensing a student version of SAS. As a result of Karl’s work in this arena, SAS is now free to all students and we will be able to use high-end, sophisticated data mining tools in our classes.

In addition to his contribution to the development of the program and advocacy for elimination of the software cost to students, Karl volunteered his time to teach CIS faculty members how to use SAS tools in the classroom.

Erica Mersfelder- Biology
Erica has been an adjunct since June of 2008 and has worked with the National Science Foundation grant for student success. In addition, she designed curriculum for an HPLC Methods course, BTN 235.