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Who can use ProctorU?

  • Online students who are taking the ALEKS placement test
  • Students who live 60+ miles from campus and need to take a proctored electronic test*
  • FlexPace students who are taking their final exam
  • Students who are registered with Disability Services and have counselor approval**

*ProctorU only proctors electronic course tests. For more information, contact the Sinclair eLearning Testing Coordinator by phone 937-512-2990 or email

**Contact your Disability Services Counselor or visit the Disability Services page for more information.

What is the cost?

  • Students are responsible for all ProctorU fees. Click here for the fee scale.
  • Some students may be able to use financial aid to cover ProctorU fees.  For details, contact the eLearning Testing Coordinator at 937-512-2990 or

What equipment do you need to use ProctorU?

How do you take a test with ProctorU?

  1. Create a free ProctorU account.
  2. Fill out Sinclair's Proctor Agreement Form. (fill in all fields; for proctor information, put ProctorU)
  3. Test your equipment here.
  4. Schedule your test at least 72 hours before you want to take your test.
  5. Review the rules of the test (use of notes, websites, etc.) provided by your instructor. If you don't know, ASK! It's really important that you understand the rules of the test in order to avoid an incident report or honor code violation during the test.
  6. Know that the proctor will see you and the room you are in, the entire time you are taking the test. More tips about your testing room can be found here.
  7. Provide a government-issued ID at the beginning of the test and answer questions from a public database to establish your identity. Some international students do not have sufficient history for the public database authentication and, therefore, may need to provide two forms of government-issued ID.
  8. Use a reflective surface such as a mirror or CD to let the proctor see the edges of your laptop.