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Proctored Testing

General Questions
For general questions about proctored testing and finding a proctor, please contact the SinclairOnline Testing Coordinator by email at or by calling 937-512-2990 or 1-888-226-2457.

SinclairOnline Testing and Academic Integrity

SinclairOnline works to provide students with a fully online experience. The Sinclair College Honor Code requires all students to uphold the values of social responsibility, citizenship, and personal accountability. To support implementation of the Honor Code and to protect the integrity of students’ work, some proctored or supervised testing may be required.

Within 60 miles

Students who live within 60 miles from Sinclair’s Dayton campus must take their placement test and proctored, online course tests at a Sinclair Testing Center. A list of the online courses that require proctored testing is at the bottom of this page.

Beyond 60 miles

Students who live beyond 60 miles from Sinclair's Dayton campus have the option of using a proctor, or exam supervisor, to have their placement test, proficiency tests and proctored online course tests administered closer to home. Students are responsible for obtaining a suitable proctor. The Proctor Information page has more information.

NOTE: Proctors may charge a fee for each test that they supervise. Students are responsible for all proctoring fees.

Do you live 60 or more miles from campus? Distance from Sinclair can be calculated using Google Maps.

Placement Testing

Sinclair uses a test called ALEKS for math placement testing and a test called ACCUPLACER for English placement testing.  Scores from these are used to assist with placing students in the right courses.  Students who already have English or math on their transcript from another college should contact an eLearning Academic Coach before taking any placement test.  The first time a student takes a placement test there is no fee.  Students may retake a placement test, once per calendar year for $15.  If a student would like to retest, they may retest after 24 hours.  The most recent scores are good for two years. The Proctored Placement Test page has step-by-step instructions.  

Proficiency Testing

Sinclair faculty have developed proficiency tests for many Sinclair courses. A proficiency test measures a student’s knowledge of the subject area of the course. A student who passes a proficiency test will earn credit for a specific Sinclair course without enrolling in the course. There is a non-refundable fee for testing that is paid before the test is given. The Proctored Proficiency Test page has more information.

NOTE: Tests may be proctored:

  • At the Sinclair Testing Center (located at the downtown Dayton campus)
  • At Sinclair regional centers, by appointment (Englewood, Huber Heights or Mason)
  • With a local approved proctor if you live beyond 60 miles from Sinclair’s Dayton campus (please see the Proctor Information and Procedures page for more information)

This information is subject to change.

Most FlexPace courses require proctored testing. Please check your course syllabus for additional information.