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Preparing for Your Classes

Now that you've registered and paid for your online classes, you're almost ready for your first day of class to begin.

Purchase Textbooks & Course Materials

Sinclair Bookstore

Even though your classes are online, many courses still require certain textbooks and other materials to complete assignments. Textbooks and other course materials are available through the Sinclair Bookstore website or in-person at one of our locations.

Be sure to have your class schedule to ensure you purchase materials for the class section for which you are registered. If you have any questions concerning the bookstore, please contact the bookstore at the Dayton campus. Visit for more information, including additional Sinclair bookstore locations and hour of operation.

Financial Aid Users: If you are planning to use financial aid for books, course materials and supplies, you will have a special timeframe (financial aid book charge dates) to make your purchases each term. Visit or financial aid for these dates.

Preparing for Your Online Classes

Student E-mail Account

When you register for the first time as a Sinclair student, you will automatically be assigned a e-mail address. Sinclair will send important information and notices, including communication about financial aid and class cancellations to this e-mail address. Make sure to check this e-mail account frequently!

Timelines & Online Course Access

SinclairOnline students follow the same academic schedule as students attending traditional, in-person classes. After 8:00 a.m. on the first day of the term, you will be able to access your online classes. Unsure about how to log into your courses? Visit How to Access Online Courses to learn more. You are expected to begin your classes on the first day and have all course assignments completed by the last day of the term.

Course Syllabus

Before starting work on your assignments, make sure you view each class syllabus available within individual eLEARN classes. This document often contains policies, deadlines, assignment details, grading methods, and faculty contact information.

You should also pay close attention to the academic calendar for withdrawal deadlines, upcoming registration periods, and observed holiday. View this year's academic calendar.

Testing Information

Testing methods vary for each SinclairOnline course and class section. Many of our courses do not require on-campus, supervised or in-person testing, but there are some that do. For these classes, local learners will be required to come to a Sinclair location for testing services. Non-local learners (living beyond a 60-mile radius of the Dayton campus) have the option to arrange test proctoring.

View testing information for more information about finding a proctor or to view the upcoming term's list of courses requiring proctored testing.

Attendance Policy

For SinclairOnline courses, and the same is true for traditional courses, attendance must be established and verified within the first 14 days of the course. Students may establish attendance in their courses by participating, in academic discussion forums, submitting assignments, taking exams, completing an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction, contacting their instructor to discuss an academic subject studied in the course to verify attendance. Keep in mind that a student may not establish attendance by merely logging into an online class without active participation or by participating in academic advising or counseling.

Another important aspect to remember is that if a student does not establish attendance in a course that can be verified by the instructor, he or she has not earned federal financial aid for that course. If a student drops a course with a 'W' prior to his or her attendance being verified, Sinclair will remove the student's federal aid for that course.

Withdrawal Information

If you are considering withdrawing from one or all of your courses, please be aware of the withdrawal deadline posted on the academic calendar each term. Before the deadline, you can withdraw from one or more courses and receive a full refund and there is no negative grade associated with that withdrawal. If you withdraw after the deadline, you will not receive a refund and you will receive a 'W' grade on your record. Students may use the online using Web Advisor accessed through to withdraw from a course or they can withdraw in person at the registration office (Building 12, Room 302) or at Sinclair's other full-service learning locations.

Financial Aid Recipients—Notification about Withdrawals

Students earn federal student aid by attending courses. Federal law requires that Sinclair track whether students complete all of their courses in a term to determine if they earned the federal student aid that they actually received. This policy is referred to as “Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds Policy' because any unearned money received by the student or on the student's behalf must be returned to the federal government's Title IV programs.

If you are a financial aid recipient, it is crucial that you establish attendance in each class you are registered for every term. If you withdraw from all of your courses in a term or fail to establish attendance in them, Sinclair will determine the percentage of federal student aid that you earned. Attendance will be verified by the instructor through the 14th calendar day from the start of the course for A Term, B Term, Full-Term and Late-Start Term.

If you received more federal student aid than you earned, Sinclair will return the unearned funds, as required, to the Title IV program(s). You will owe Sinclair for the amount returned by the College and must pay this amount to Sinclair by contacting the Bursar. Your financial aid will be adjusted to the amount of credit hours you actually attend. For example, if you register for 12 credit hours at the beginning of the term and the financial aid office receives attendance information from one instructor stating you never attended a three-credit hour course, your financial aid will be reduced down to 3/4 enrollment. This could leave you in a situation where you owe the school money. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships office by phone at 937-512-3000 or e-mail to