Eaton Academic and Student Support

Sinclair in Eaton is here to support you through enrolling to graduating! Find below academic support services available at the Eaton location. Also available are all Sinclair services available at the Dayton Campus location.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising at Sinclair in Eaton is normally by appointment. To schedule an appointment please call 937-456-5252, schedule an appointment online, or stop by the front desk (102).

General Sinclair Academic Advising information and policies can be found on Sinclair’s main Academic Advising webpage.

Bookstore Web Orders

Students in Eaton can place online web orders for their class books and have them delivered for pick up at then Eaton location front desk (102). Bookstore online ordering is available on Sinclair’s main Bookstore website here.


For Bursar and college cashier services at Eaton please go to the front desk (102). View Hours of Operation.

For information about Sinclair general bursar payment deadlines and policies go to Sinclair's main Bursar Office website.

Childcare (Provided by the YMCA)

Childcare for the children of Sinclair Students is provided by the YMCA. At Eaton, the first two hours of childcare are free. Students can purchase up to an additional two hours for $1 per child per hour for a total of 4 hours per day. For a tour and more information, visit the front desk at the Preble County YMCA.

Disability Services

Appropriate accommodations are available for those with documented needs. Contact the Eaton disability liaison James Shuler, or visit the Disability Services webpage for more information.

Learning Resource Center

With 28 computer workstations and ADA access, students can access coursework and all Sinclair online library resources. Printing and copying services are available. There are also several public libraries in the county are great options too.

The Learning Resource Center is located in Room 101. Access is available during certain hours of operation only. View Hours of Operation.

Testing Center

Placement testing and distance/make up testing is available for any Sinclair traditional or online class. Please be sure to bring photo ID. Go to the front desk (102) for more information. View the Eaton Placement Testing Available Hours.

Dayton testing center policies and hours are available at Sinclair’s main Testing Center webpage.


Free tutoring is available for certain topics at Eaton. Check with the front desk (102) for the current tutor schedule. Online E-tutoring is also available for many courses. See the Tutoring and Learning Center webpage for more information on all available tutoring services to Sinclair students.