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What kind of assignments can I expect in an Accelerate course?

Accelerate courses are similar to traditional online, however there are no due dates. Each of the labs and exams allow multiple attempts. You need an 80% to progress. Click here for a detailed list of assignments.

What kind of funding is available for these courses?

Accelerate courses have the same funding options as other Sinclair programs and courses. Accelerate courses can be paid for using financial aid, military education benefits, scholarships, employer-funded tuition assistance/reimbursement, and TAA or WIA funding.

Can I take an individual Accelerate course, or do I have to pick an entire program?

Yes, you can take an individual Acceleate course to see how you like it, as an elective or as part of your current program.  You do not need to sign up for an entire Accelerate certificate or degree to take an Accelerate course.  You will, however, still need to meet/complete the admissions requirements for Sinclair Accelerate, even if you only plan to take one Accelerate course.

What happens if I can't maintain an 80% in my Accelerate course?

If you fall below an 80% in your course, you may still complete the course. You will be awarded the grade you have earned, but you may not be able to take any more Accelerate courses. For example, if you are only earning a 65% in your Accelerate course, you will pass the course with that 65%. You will no longer be allowed multiple attempts to complete assignments; your first attempt will be your final grade.

How much do Accelerate courses cost?

Accelerate courses have the same tuition rate as regular SinclairOnline courses. Please refer to the current fee schedule page for current tuition and fee rates.

When can I start my Accelerate courses?

After you finish your admissions requirements, you may register for your Accelerate courses and start in the next section, which begins every other Monday during the first 12 weeks of the fall and spring terms and the first 10 weeks of the summer term. Courses begin every other Monday for the first 12 weeks of the semester.

Do I need any special software or books for Sinclair Accelerate courses?

Accelerate courses require the same books as traditional courses. You will, however, need access to a computer with a reliable internet connection. Information about the software needed for your Accelerate course is provided within the course syllabus.

Can I take all my courses online?

You can register for a combination of traditional online and Accelerate courses in the same term.