Intramural Sports

Intramural Schedule

  Fall 2014
August 18 - December 14

Dayton Campus

Flag Football

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January 2015 for
Spring Semester Availability

Learning Centers

Friday, September 5
The Triple Package and Introduction
Flag Football Englewood

Friday, October 3
The Triple Package Superiority Complex
Flag Football Huber Heights

Friday, January 9
The Triple Package and Insecurity
Basketball Englewood

Friday, February 6
The Triple Package and Impulse Control
Basketball Huber Heights

Friday, March 13
The Triple Package and Conclusion
Basketball Englewood

Intramural sports are played throughout the year at Sinclair and include basketball, soccer and flag football.

Dayton Campus

Intramurals are offered at the Dayton campus through the Sinclair Intramurals Club. Intramurals are free if you are signed up for an activity class, otherwise there is a $5 per semester fee. You can pay your $5 fee in the equipment room, room 8017. You must bring your Tartan card each time you participate in an intramural sport. For more information on the SCC Intramurals Club contact Nila Peavy at

For more information on student clubs at Sinclair, contact the Student Leadership Association at (937) 512-2509 or stop by their office in the basement of Building 8. You can also visit their website at →

Advisor: Nila Peavy
Telephone#: 512-2342


Learning Centers

Intramural sports are also offered at the learning centers. For more information on intramurals at the learning centers contact Dawayne Kirkman at