Style Guide--APA

For complete information on citing print, non-print and electronic resources in APA style, use
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.) (2001). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
808.06615 P976a 2001

The focus of this page is on citing electronic sources in the reference list. The
examples given are mainly from resources in the Library..
The objective is to direct readers as closely to the document as possible. Elements in the citation include:

  1. Name of the author -- surname first name and first name initials. (if given) 
  2. Date of the article in parentheses (if given) 
  3. Document or article title -- follow the APA format appropriate to the work (book or periodical article) retrieved
  4. Original source of article (in italics) and page numbers 
  5. Retrieval statement:
    Dates of retrieval beginning with the word "Retrieved"
    Beginning with the word "from" give name of the database and
    Internet address of the source (URL)
  6. Finish the retrieval statement with a period, unless it ends with an Internet address.

Periodical Articles

Academic Search Premier
  Coghill, R. (2002).  Electropollution: The scandal continues...
        Ecologist, 32(4), 34 3p.  Retrieved August 25, 2002, from
        Academic Search Premier database.        
    Spake, A., & Brophy Marcus, M. (2002, August 19).  A fat nation.
        U.S. News & World Report, 133, 40 8p.  Retrieved August 25, 2002,
        from Academic Search Premier database.    

Business Source Premier
  Teinowitz, I. (2002).  Electropollution: The scandal continues...
        Ecologist, 32(4), 34 3p.  Retrieved August 25, 2002, from
        Academic Research Premier database.  

SIRS Researcher
 Hauser, S.  (1999, Spring/Summer). The working class.
        Rochester Review, 16-20.  Retrieved February 12, 2002,
        from SIRS Researcher.   

CINAHL: Cummulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
   Lena, S. M., Chidambaram, U., Panarella, C., & Sambasivan, K. (2001).
        Cognitive factors in anorexia nervosa: a case history.
        International journal of eating disorders, 30(3), 354-8.
        Retrieved August 23, 2002, from CINAHL database.

PsycINFO    Hertel, J. B. (2002, Winter). College student generational status:
        Similarities, differences, and factors in college adjustment.
        Psychological Record, 52(1), 3-18.  Retrieved August 23, 2002,
        from PsycINFO database.    

Newspaper Articles

Dayton Daily News
     McCarty, M. (2002, January 10). Muse Machine Mania -. Dayton Daily   
        News, City ed., p. 1A. Retrieved February 12, 2002 from
        Dayton Daily News Online Archives database.

NewsBank InfoWeb
    Gray, W., & Goo, S. K. (2001, September 21). The capitals own no-fly
        zone airliners may soar, but area's small craft remain grounded. 
        Washington Post, F ed., p. E1. Retrieved February 12, 2002,
        from NewsBank InfoWeb database (NewsBank NewsFile).
    Kovac, M. (2002, April 14). Farmland preservation: What's at issue and
        what comes next. Daily Record (Wooster, OH).  Retrieved August 26,
        2002 from NewsBank InfoWeb database (NewsBank Ohio NewsFile).  

Lexis-Nexis Academic
    Special Report Jordan: The water sector: Amman for all seasons.
        (2002, May 31).  MEED Weekly Special Report.  Retrieved August 26,
        2002, from Lexis-Nexis Academic database.  

SIRS Researcher     Turco, Sharon.  (2000, March 15).  Laying down the law tough call for
        families.  News-Press (Ft. Myers, FL), pp. 1A.  Retrieved
        August 25, 2002, from SIRS Knowledge Source database
        (SIRS Researcher).


Additional Resources on APA Style
Listed below are WWW sites that provide examples and instructions on how to cite various electronic resources.

APA Style.Org
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The Website for Online! A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources, 2001,
sponsored by Bedford / St. Martins. Find detailed advice and examples
on citing electronic sources.

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