Online Resources Available to You

To use the resources below from off-campus, you have to be an authorized user and sign on. If you are not sure how to do this, take a look at these instructions.

Research Databases

Research Databases contain hundreds of electronic journals with thousands of articles on just about every subject. All of these can be accessed through the Library's website or through OhioLINK. Many of our frequently used databases can be found on the library homepage under "Find more Articles" (example), under one of the "Common Subjects/Classes" pages (example), or you can browse the OhioLINK database A-Z List.

Online music and videos can be found on the Digital Music, Videos, & Images page (example)

Need help finding articles? Try this video tutorial.


The library provides access to thousands of electronic books (e-books) that you can easily view from any computer or laptop with Internet access. An advantage that an e-book has over a regular book is that you can search the entire book for specific text, and it will find all the occcurences and highlight them for you. You also have the ability to print out just what you need, instead of carrying a whole book around.

E-books can be found by searching the catalog (example) or on the e-book page (example)

E-book Help - Coming soon

Requesting books & other items

Even if you are not on the Sinclair campus, you can still get books, music, and videos through the library and OhioLINK. Here are some of your options:

  • Have books from the Sinclair main campus sent to other campuses for pick up.
  • Request items ordered through OhioLINK to be picked up at the Sinclair branches or at any other OhioLINK library.
  • Check out items from other OhioLINK libraries; all you need is your Tartan Card or (if you don't have a card) your Sinclair Tartan ID number and a photo ID.
  • Return items to any OhioLINK library. (If dropped off  at any OhioLINK library other than the library that owns the item or your own institution, the materials will not be checked in until received by the owning library. )


Examples & additional instructions

Although you are a distance learner, circulation policies still apply. Make sure to get your items back in time before you accumulate fines.

To track your requests, due dates, and renew your items online, go to My Library Account and sign in with your name and Sinclair Tartan number. Watch a short video tutorial on how to renew your materials.


Sinclair Catalog - Request items from Sinclair.

OhioLINK Catalog - Request items from around Ohio. Here is a list of all the OhioLINK libraries. Watch a short video tutorial on how to request items from OhioLINK.

WorldCat  Catalog - Search for an item and see the closest library that has it.