Off-Campus Access

How to access library resources from off-campus:



Registered students of Sinclair must have a Sinclair ID number (Tartan number) to access any research databases from off campus. Your number might be 6, 7, or 9 digits, depending on when and how you got it. In order to sign into library resources, you have enter in 9 digits, so if you have less, put zeros in front to make it 9. (000xxxxxx)


How can I find out what my Tartan number is?


If you do not have a Tartan card, you should be able to find your Sinclair ID on your bill for your classes. Another way to find out is to log into your My.Sinclair account. Click on "Web Advisor", then "Student". Under the title "Academic Profile", there should be a link called "My Profile".  In your profile, there will be a 7-digit number listed as your "Tartan Card ID". You will need to add two zeros to the front of it to make it 9.

Signing into databases to find articles

1. Click on the name of a database (Opposing Viewpoints for example). If there is an "(off campus)" link located next to the name of the database, click on that instead.

2. You will see either a Sinclair Access Authentification Form (example) or an OhioLINK Institution Selection Form (example).

  • If you get the Sinclair Form, enter your last name only and your Sinclair/Tartan ID number (all 9 digits). Then click Submit.
  • If you get the OhioLINK Form, select your institution by clicking on the down arrow to highlight "Sinclair Community College" as your institution. Next, choose your branch location and then click Submit.

3. (OhioLINK Form only) The OhioLINK Authentification Form (example) should appear. Follow the directions and enter your last name, space, first name, and your Sinclair/Tartan ID number (all 9 digits). Then click Submit. 


4. You will either go straight to your database or you should see a message that says "Authentication successful" and then be redirected to your database. Authentication is good for 2 hours. The process is the same for accessing e-books.


  • If you have problems accessing the databases, take a look at this page to see if your problem is listed.
  • Are you having problems with OhioLINK access? Go to for answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Watch a short video about accessing databases from off-campus.
  • If you are still having problems, please contact us in one of the following ways listed here.
Finding the resources


To find the library's online resources, click on the Online Resources Page.


Last updated 2/18/2013