Definition of Periodicals

A magazine, journal, or newspaper published on regular intervals, usually more frequently than annually.  Each issue contains separate articles, stories, or other writings.  (ALA rules)

Shelf Arrangements
  • Magazines and journals -- Periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order by title (ignore the first article, A, An, or The if it is there). Latest issues are displayed on slanted shelves.  Recent issues are stored on the flat shelves below.  Older issues, depending on publication frequency and thickness of the issue, are archived in boxes.
  • Newspapers -- Current issues are placed on poles on the newspaper stand located on the left side of Starbucks Coffee (facing the front of Starbucks).  Older newspapers are stored in trays.  Ask at the Service Desk.
Checkout Policies  

Print paper periodicals can be checked out for one week with one renewal.  Any user with a valid photo identification, according to Sinclair Library circulation rules, can check out a maximum of 10 issues. 

Periodicals in microfiche or microfilm format do not circulate. 

  Last Updated - 1/12