About the Library

Sinclair’s state-of-the-art Library provides an exciting mix of student friendly learning and social spaces, computers and information technology, and traditional library resources in a single facility with a unique academic ambience. It is a user-friendly environment that includes comfortable places to meet friends, quiet rooms for individual and group study, both formal and informal learning spaces, and even a cup of world famous coffee.

Library resources and services include computers, laptops, WIFI access, group study rooms, classrooms, Writing Center, Tutorial Services, Tutoring & Learning Center & the Academic Resource Center (ARC), individual study spaces, quiet reading room, traditional library collections, complete digital library and access to other digital information sources on the Internet, a Starbucks coffee bar and lounge area.

Librarians assist students in obtaining information and using course reserves for papers, readings, and more while the I.T. computer lab staff provide friendly, expert help in using the Library’s many computers and working with many different software programs. Sinclair’s Library staff also work with faculty to develop and continuously improve collections and access to digital publications, to meet curricular and accreditation needs, and to assure student access to the information resources needed to be successful learners.

Students and faculty with Internet access at home or work can connect to library resources at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, because Sinclair belongs to the OhioLINK consortium, students can borrow books and videos from colleges and universities across Ohio, either online or by visiting other campuses and using their Tartan Card as a library card. Thus, Sinclair’s Library is both an outstanding facility for learning and student success as well as an extended digital library capable of supporting the college’s many academic programs.

 What's New - See what new materials and services the Library now provides.

My Library Account - View your library account to verify your current information, the number of items checked out, and the status of materials borrowed from OhioLINK. You can renew items online.

Off Campus Access - Detailed instructions for accessing Library resources from off campus.

Directions to Sinclair - Driving directions for arriving at the Sinclair campus from any direction.

Finding the Library on Campus - The Library is located on the lower level of building 7.  Access to the facility is possible from the basement level of buildings 1-7. Here is a basic map of the Library.

Library Services, Policies, & Partners
Circulation (Borrowing) - circulation@sinclair.edu 937-512-3007
Course Reserves 937-512-4566
Reference (Library Research Help) - ask@sinclair.libanswers.com 937-512-3004
Periodicals 937-512-4513
Library Administration 937-512-2855
Library Computers  
Academic Resource Center (ARC) 937-512-3495
IT Open Lab in Library 937-512-2002
Records Manager/Archivist 937-512-2319
Starbucks (Aramark)  
Tutorial Services 937-512-2792
Tutoring & Learning Center 937-512-4506
Writing Center (English Dept.)

Distribution of Materials Prohibited - No Surveys or Solicitation

The Sinclair Library does not allow for the distribution of literature in the Lower Level of the Library, except for materials placed by the Library and IT Lab staff. This includes handouts, flyers, table tents, signs, and the like. This policy has been in place since the Library renovation of 2006.

Students and other library users are not to be approached for surveys, solicitations, or otherwise approached except in designated areas and then only with the approval of the Library and in accordance with the policy on Public Use of Buildings and Grounds.

Room Reservations and Facility Use
  • Room 7L21 is a meeting room (under the stairs) with a podium that seats 25 to 30 people. It can be reserved directly by college faculty and staff through Outlook, by speaking with a reference librarian, or by calling the Library office at 512-2855.
  • Room7L02A is a conference room that seats 10 people. It can be reserved directly by college faculty and staff through Outlook, or by calling the Library office at 512-2855.
  • Room7L03 is an extension of the public service commons area and cannot be reserved for classes or non-library groups. It provides walk-in students with a quieter area to work. Staff and faculty can use the room for training and professional development functions during the breaks between semesters.
  • Room7L25 is an area behind Starbucks with 24 computers and an instructor PC designed for online group-work. It can be reserved directly by college faculty and staff through Outlook, or by calling the Library office at 512-2855, and subject to Library approval. When not in use by groups or classes, it is an extension of the public service commons area.
  • Media Center is dedicated to viewing curricular related videos, DVDs, and similar media. It is open on a first-come first-serve basis. When multiple groups are using the space, headphones should be used. Faculty can reserve the space for classroom activities by contacting the service desk.
  • Student Study Rooms are set aside for student initiated study sessions. Sessions are limited to two hours. Rooms are assigned at the Service Desk, and students must present a Tartan Card at the time of assignment. If all rooms are in use, a waiting list is maintained by the Library staff for groups of 2 or more only. If there is no waiting list, a room assignment can be renewed after the two hours. If there is a wait, the students would have to leave the room, sign up for the waiting list, and wait their turn for reassignment. Faculty, staff, and tutors cannot use the rooms for office hours, tutoring sessions, meetings, or similar activities. The rooms are set aside for student initiated study.
  • Northwest Loggia can be used for class, program, and department presentations, study space, exhibits, large classes, and similar college business. Official student organizations can use the space for their official events. Reservations must be made in advance through the Library administrative office.
  • Northeast Loggia near the Tartan Market can be reserved by official student organizations, college units, classes, and service learning projects for information tables, displays, surveys, and the like. Generally only one class, group, or organization can use the space at a time. Aisles cannot be blocked and all safety rules must be followed. Reservations must be made in advance through the Library administrative office.
  • Outside groups, companies, or individuals may not reserve or use Library spaces. This is in accord with the policy on Public Use of Buildings and Grounds.
Last updated - 1/13