Center For Interactive Learning
Center For Interactive Learning
Sinclair's Center for Interactive Learning (CIL) is located on the corner of Perry and Fifth streets, Dayton, OH. The CIL provides Sinclair faculty and students with an innovative and unique environment, resulting in a whole new way of learning.

In the CIL students can experience immersive multi-media presentations in the Forum, try out new software on exhibit stations, and meet team members in the Infolink rooms. The CIL is brimming with cutting edge technology and innovative faculty and staff.

Here Sinclair faculty can stretch the boundaries of learning and encourage students in a real-world, hands-on environment. Teamwork is strongly encouraged. Faculty teams create their own learning environments in the Interactive Learning Classrooms, while student teams schedule Infolink rooms to work on their class projects.

Technology in the CIL allows faculty to use a variety of methods and innovative approaches to enrich the learning experience. Students can learn by using a sophisticated simulator or present their own projects via state-of-the-art multimedia tools. Learning comes directly into the home, office or other off-site locations through the Internet, videotape, or video conferencing.

Being wired to the world is easy in the CIL because of the wide variety of fully networked computers. In addition to computer workstations, laptops can be connected to ports throughout the building, and an Internet connection and email software are available on the exhibit stations.

Look around the Center for Interactive Learning and see how Sinclair faculty and students are redefining learning and creating the college of the future.