Video Wall Exhibit

Video Wall

Located on the 2nd floor of the Center for Interactive Learning in building 14 is a six panel interactive video wall. Students and Sinclair Community College guests can select from a number of exciting, colorful, informative tours of the CIL and Sinclair Community College programs for display on the video wall.

Cyber Column

The Cyber Column consists of two columns of monitors. A touch panel to the right of each column allows students and visitors to choose from several different videos. The Cyber Columns are an impressive interactive display that provides a unique presentation of Sinclair's learning philosophies from both a student and an instructor point of view.

Exhibit PCs

Ten exhibit PCs are located on the first and second floors of building 14. Outfitted with the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, these PCs provide a place for students to do research and experience current technology in a relaxed and exciting atmosphere.

Virtual Satellite Display

The virtual satellite display is located on the first floor of building 14, above and between the two cyber columns in the center of the building. This satellite has been transformed into a unique video screen by a projector that bounces video images off a mirror onto the satellite. The effect is an eye catching display of broadcast TV, VHS tape, Digital Video Disk, or PC video.