For Their Future

Jasson HendersonJasson Henderson claims to “always be the guy in the Financial Aid office on the first day of registration trying to get any scholarship I can get my hands on.” Jasson is a full time student at Sinclair Community College. He plans on receiving his associate’s degree in Art and another associate’s degree in Science in 2010. Jasson has received scholarships including the Robert L. Corbin Access Grant. Without these scholarships, Jasson claims he “would not be able to go to school.”
Jasson is not only a full time student at Sinclair; he is also a full time father. Jasson takes half of his classes online and half of them on campus so he can spend more time with his family. Jasson is a single father of 9-year-old and 8-month-old sons. Raising two boys is a handful, and when Jasson was laid off from his company, it became quite overwhelming to support his two boys. “I had no choice but to go back to school... it was for our future,” Jasson explained.
After receiving his two degrees, he wants to continue his school with Sinclair to receive his degree in Environment Engineering and Technology. “We are always going to need water, clean air, and to take care of trash. That is why I decided work with the environment,” said Jasson. After Sinclair, Jasson plans on transfer to either Wright State University or the University of Dayton to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.
Since Jasson has attended school before, he was unable to receive financial aid because he exceeded the maximum credit hour limit. “Without these scholarships, I would not be able to go to school” he says. He sends out a “majority of thanks and gratitude to the financial board. I started this journey about a year ago; I didn’t think I would ever be so close. My scholarships have been a life saver!”