Jessie, Sinclair Student

Driven to Give Back

Devin Baker is an Automotive Technology student, to whom Sinclair is giving the confidence, skills and energy he’ll need to open his own service garage and high performance center.

Devin was awarded both the Fleck Trust Engineering and Chesley Mathematics & Engineering scholarships.

"My first semester would not have been possible without the generous support of the Foundation and its donors. I was able to pay for either my tuition, or the required tools for my classes, but not both. The donors may never know the difference that they make, but I'm committed to making them proud and finding ways to use my education to serve others in need."

Devin struggled a bit with high school, but was selected during his senior year for a 30-hour internship at Pick-Ups Plus Cars, where he now works part time while attending Sinclair as a Dean's List honoree.

"Once I had visited Sinclair’s campus and met the great people in the Automotive Technology Department, I was sold. They made my decision easy. Out of everywhere I looked, Sinclair was by far the best option, and I chose it specifically for the Chrysler CAP," (College Automotive Program.)

"Sinclair gave me immediate confidence in my career choice. That peace of mind is priceless!"