Deb at Sinclair

Gaining Security

Deb Fussnecker is a full-time student who works part time. She explains that her time management skills have helped her persist in getting her degree. She felt the need to get an education in a field that would establish a stable career. With her children grown, she wanted to give herself a sense of security for her future. She is now working toward a degree in Respiratory Therapy, after experiencing her own difficulty with a diagnosis of asthma later in life.

Deb has relied on the support of her family and friends and the inspiration she receives from the staff and students at Sinclair to keep pushing toward finishing her degree in May 2015. After Sinclair, she plans to continue on to pursue a bachelor's degree with dreams of being a member of a Rapid Response Team.

"If seeing is believing, visualizing is achieving," Deb says. She received the Choose Ohio First Scholarship, Taylor Access Grant, David and Doris Ponitz Leadership Scholarship and the Dayton Women's Coalition Books Fund. She is thankful for the financial assistance with not only her classes but her books as well. "It inspired me to really strive to succeed in my career choice, to be able to one day put myself in the financial position to support others."