Legacy Donors

Gordon Bennett*

Richard Black

Vincent Blair*

Kenneth I. Booher*

Ruth C. Brant

Garth Q. Briggs*

Shirley Chang

Fred W. Chesley*

David A. Clevenger*

Charles Crowell*

Harold Dawson*

Virginia Douthwaite*

Ted* and Rhea Gilmore

Marianne Gorczyca

Daniel and Cathy Harter

Russell* and Christine Hollis

Surinder Jain and Harmit Kaur

Nita A. Jennings

Russell F.* and Edith Oyer Jerd

Steven and Tonya Johnson

Steve and Jan* Jonas

Patricia L. Lavy

Carolyn L. Leigh*

Charles W. MacGregor*

Milton Marks

Anna Mays

Catherine McQuary*

James W. McSwiney

E. Trina Melzoni and Tom Melzoni

William Meyer

Robert T. Mueller*

James T. Neef

Robert and Peggy Neff

Margaret R. Ondre*

David and Doris Ponitz

Burnell and Karen Roberts

Dorothy Schrock*

George Sehi

Mary L. Shaffer*

William Shutly*

Ned and Joyce Sifferlen

Frederick* and Pfeife* Smith

Carl Stickel*

Blodwyn Stuart*

Dorothy M. Stryker*

Robert F. Suerdieck*

Jerome and Lorelei* Tatar

John and Connie Taylor

Harold and Phyllis Wolfe

Judy Wyatt

* Deceased