Getting Started at Courseview

Success Starts Here!

It's easy to get started at Courseview!
The Courseview Campus Center is a full service Sinclair location. From admission to registration and textbooks to classrooms, the center provides all the necessary services and support needed for academic success. Courseview students do not have to travel to Dayton at all during their academic career, until they participate as college graduates at the commencement ceremony.

The basic steps to get started are outlined below.  Additionally, you may want to download the following "How to Begin" documents:
How to Begin
Financial Aid
Placement Testing
    Writeplacer Sample Essays

Apply for Admission

Fill out our online admissions application or apply in person at the center in Mason, Ohio.

Get Acquainted

Once you've received your acceptance letter, visit the Courseview Campus Center's front desk to take your placement test, get your Tartan card (student ID) and find out more about attending a new student orientation.

Talk with an Advisor

Our student success advisors will help you develop a class schedule and register for the classes you need! Schedule your appointment by calling (513) 339-1212.

Register for Classes

Now, if your advisor did not already complete your registration, you will be able to register for classes in person at the center or online through

The Final Details

You are almost finished. All that is left is: