CIS 2520 Windows Server Advanced Services

Successfully plan, implement and troubleshoot a Microsoft Windows Active Directory® (AD) infrastructure. The course focuses on a Windows directory service environment including advanced services such as Federation Services, Certificate Services and Rights Management Services. Advanced network services using DHCPv6, Domain Name Service using DNSSEC and IP Address Management (IPAM) are included. High availability through Network Load Balancing, Clustering and Virtualization using Hyper-V is included.

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Computer Information Systems
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: Yes

Prereqs: CIS 2510 


  • Manage multi-domain and multi-forest environment including external, forest, shortcut and realm trusts. Create and manage sites and site links for optimal Active Directory (AD) replication. Manage advanced AD services including Certificates, Digital Rights Management and Federation Services.
  • Configure Network Load Balancing (NLB) including affinity, port rules and cluster operation modes. Configure fail over clustering roles including role specific settings and preferences. Implement business continuity and disaster recovery through backup strategies, site-level fault tolerance, and Hyper-V replicas.
  • Implement an advanced DHCP and DHCPv6 solution using superscopes and multicast scopes; manage high availability and fail over for DHCP. Implement an advanced DNS solution using DNSSEC for security.
  • Use advanced file services including Network File System data store, Branch Cache and File Classification Infrastructure using File Service Resource Manager (FSRM). Configure and optimize storage using iSCSI target and initiator, Internet Storage Name Server (iSNS) and thin provisioning.

Credit Hours: 3

Classroom Hours: 3