Community Ties

Black Male Confernece


Black Women's Think Tank
Attend the Black Women's Think Tank to be inspired on how to generate community uplift, reinforce family connections and to empower self!

DAYMUNC (Dayton Model United Nations Conference)
Co-sponsored by Sinclair Community College, Wright State University, and the Dayton Council on World Affairs.

American Society of Heating, Refreigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (Dayton Chapter)

Dayton Visual Arts Center
Quality exhibitions and programs that promote regional visual artists.

Holocaust Remembrance
The Holocaust is now more than half a century in the past - but it is still very much with us, in the way it has affected the children and grandchildren of its victims and of others connected with one of the most horrific events in world history.

International Education Committee
A college-wide constituency charged with managing the college's international presence on campus and in the local community. For example: study abroad programs, Dayton Peace Accords, managing economic development projects abroad, etc...

Ohio Young Black Professionals Conference
C.E.O.’s for Our Future, (Creating Effective Outcomes for Our Future)
October 18 – 20, 2007, Dayton Convention Center

ITC - Instructional Telecommunications Council
The Instructional Telecommunications Council is a national, non-profit organization composed entirely of, and directed toward meeting the needs of, educators and organizations involved in higher education instructional telecommunications and distance learning.