Sinclair Workforce Development Launches Leadership Certificate Program

Sinclair Workforce Development Launches Leadership Certificate Program

Sinclair Workforce Development has begun enrollment for a Leadership Certificate Program, a fast-track series designed to provide targeted tips and techniques to help high-potential talent accelerate their development as leaders. Participants will be assessed against a researched model of effective leaders and then use the identified strengths and skill gaps to build an individual development plan that will allow them to immediately leverage course concepts back in their organization.

Beginning June 16, the Leadership Certificate Program will be delivered over six months, with one all-day session per month. Participants, in cohorts of 15 or more, will have the opportunity for a shared experience with other organizations offering an enhanced knowledge base and networking interactions.
“’Leader’ no longer denotes a level but instead describes just one of the functions of a manager,” said Deb Norris, Sinclair Vice President for Workforce Development and Corporate Services. “To adapt and survive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, a manager must be able to communicate a vision and guide their employees towards the goal.”

The day-long Leadership Certificate Program sessions cover the following critical needs of successful managers:

· Accelerating Individual Effectiveness- Moving from Manager to Leader

· Planning and Goal Setting
· Effective Decision Making and Driving Change
· Identifying and Developing Talent
· Coaching for Performance
· Building Blocks of Great Teams

Lead facilitator for the Leadership Certificate Program will be Kristi Dinsmore, Senior Consultant for Workforce Development & Corporate Services at Sinclair. She has focused much of her career on leadership development, specifically coaching senior executives and high-potential talent.

“In the past, leadership was considered an executive role focused primarily on strategy and vision, using executive influence to drive change. Today, change is expected to be driven at every level which has pushed the concept of ‘leadership’ down into the organization,” said Dinsmore.

Enrollment for the Leadership Certificate Program is underway. Space is limited. For more information, call (937) 512-5742 or go online to