Program of the Year Awarded to Fast Forward

Out-of-school youth program recognized by the International Association for Truancy and Dropout Prevention

DAYTON, OH– The Fast Forward Program, which provides second chances to local out-of-school youth, has been recognized as the 2011 Program of the Year by the International Association for Truancy and Dropout Prevention. This program targets out-of-school youth ages 16-21 that are motivated to complete their academic careers. Sinclair College has partnered with Montgomery County to fund and administer the program which has helped over 2,500 out-of-school youth earn their high school diplomas and GEDs since 2001. Sinclair’s Senior Vice President for Student Services and Marketing Michael Carter and Fast Forward Center Manager David House will represent Sinclair in receiving this award.

"Michael Carter, David House, and the rest of the Fast Forward team are excellent examples of the kind of role models that work at Sinclair to advance the interests of the Dayton Region," Sinclair College President Steve Johnson said. "The Fast Forward Program is an excellent example of how Sinclair is working to make a difference in the community. We are honored to receive this awa rd and look forward to helping many more students with this program in the future."

Some Academic Successes of the Program:

  • Dropout rates in Montgomery County decreased from 2000-2008 from 25.6% to 12.6%
  • Montgomery County continues to have the most significant out-of-school youth reduction rate of the 10 largest Ohio counties.
  • Since 2001, over 2500 out-of-school students had graduated the program earning their high school diplomas and GEDs

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