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ENT 2160 Business Plan Development

3.0 Credit Hours

Upon successfully completing the course, students will understand the business plan development process and will have developed a business plan. Extensive research, writing and oral presentations are required. Students will address: business concept evaluation; business plan development; presentation; evaluation of business plans; identification and evaluation of funding sources for new or existing enterprises.
Prerequisite:   MAN 1107  AND MAN 2101  AND MRK 2220  AND ENT 2140

Spring Term 2016 Schedule
Booklist for ENT 2160
(* indicates prerequisite) (updated hourly)
  100 0229459 3.0 2:00 PM 3:15 PM TTH 5 338 Belcher OPEN
  900 0230751 3.0 5:00 PM 8:10 PM T ACI Gregory CLOSED
    Department Permission Required
  901 0230778 3.0 5:30 PM 8:10 PM T DCI Jenkins CLOSED
    Department Permission Required
  902 0230802 3.0 5:30 PM 8:10 PM T ORW Gregory CLOSED
    Department Permission Required
  903 0230829 3.0 5:30 PM 8:10 PM T PCI Gregory CLOSED
    Department Permission Required
  904 0230857 3.0 5:30 PM 8:10 PM T SCI Gregory CLOSED
    Department Permission Required
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