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MHT 1130 Introduction to Addictive Illness

3.0 Credit Hours

Theories and fundamentals of addictive illness and physical/mental effects of psychoactive drugs. Dynamics of addictive illness on persons, families and society. Knowledge of disease concept, stigmas, identification, assessment, trends in treatment and relapse process. Develop insights, challenge biases and identify personal and professional issues. Elements of professional/ethical behaviors.
Prerequisite:   DEV 0012  OR DEV 0062 AND DEV 0032 OR DEV 0054 OR DEV 0082 OR DEV 0044

Spring Term 2015 Schedule
Booklist for MHT 1130
(* indicates prerequisite) (updated hourly)
  100 0218024 3.0 12:30 PM 1:45 PM TTH Works OPEN
  501 0218025 3.0 WWW Brown OPEN
  620 0219242 3.0 5:00 PM 7:30 PM F ACI Schweyer OPEN
    Restricted to ACI Students
    Department Permission Required
  621 0219243 3.0 5:30 PM 8:10 PM F DCI Kennedy OPEN
    Restricted to DCI Students
    Dayton Correctional Institute
  622 0219244 3.0 5:30 PM 8:10 PM F ORW Kennedy OPEN
    Restricted to ORW Students
    Department Permission Required
  623 0219245 3.0 5:30 PM 8:10 PM F PCI Kennedy OPEN
    Restricted to PCI Students
    Department Permission Required
  624 0219246 3.0 5:30 PM 8:30 PM F SCI Kennedy OPEN
    Restricted to SCI Students
    Department Permission Required
  N01 0218026 3.0 5:30 PM 6:45 PM TTH Flannery OPEN
*Term designations represent when courses are typically offered. They are included for planning purposes only and subject to change. Refer to the current schedule for actual course offerings.