Outreach to the Appalachian Community

New initiatives have been developed to target the Appalachian Community:

  • Admissions, financial aid, and specific program information are provided to interested people.
  • Admissions/Financial Aid workshops are offered during the academic year to persons who have completed the GED practice test and are scheduled to take the GED test. In addition, special sessions are held on career interest inventories, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the New Directions program. Campus tours have been conducted for those interested in attending Sinclair.
  • Recruiting occurs on an annual basis at the Mountain Days Festival, East Dayton Days, and Belmont Days.
  • Campus tours have been held for youth working at the Southeast Priority Board Office.
  • Realizing Ethnic Awareness and Cultural Heritage Across Dayton (REACH) a three-year collaborative program between SCC and Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC) that promotes understanding and celebrates the common cultural heritage shared by African American and Appalachian communities. Events include a studies conference, Artist-in-Residence programs, art exhibits, and film festivals.
  • The Appalachian Outreach Committee (AOC) of Sinclair Community College was created to emphasize the positive elements of Appalachian culture and to build a roadway around the barriers in the pathway to success of urban Appalachians. The Committee's mission is to eliminate barriers to education and ensure access to the learning process.
  • The AOC hosted the second annual "Unsung Hero" Breakfast to recognize the contributions and achievements of individuals in the community.
  • The Developmental Studies Department offers courses at various sites--Volunteers of America Community Center and Northridge High School. Courses have been offered since 1997 in Study Skills, English and Math. Several of the students taking these courses have matriculated to Sinclair to pursue a degree.

During 1997-98, the Appalachian Outreach Committee took part in collaboration with Trinity United Church of Christ, Fairborn City Schools, and the Greene County Career Center. This combined leadership/recruitment collaboration allowed students to plan and execute a college recruitment program for Appalachian students of Greene County. Twenty-nine students took part in the one-day college/cultural affairs workshop at Trinity United Church of Christ. In May, a meeting for parents followed this event. Because of the leadership demonstrated by these students, they were asked to take an active role in "Reach Across Dayton" and the AOC's "Appalachian Unsung Heroes Awards Breakfast." The majority of the students were juniors who were anxious to continue with the outreach program next year. The graduating seniors (12 students) expressed interest in attending Sinclair Community College.

The outreach program began with a class site at Volunteers of America. During the past year, the system extended to include Northridge High School and Drexel Church of the Nazarene. East End Community Service Corporation, a subsidiary of St. Mary's Development Corporation, and South Park United Methodist Church continue to explore collaborative partnerships to establish future class sites.

For more information, contact Tess Little