DEV Video Worksheets
Lesson 1 a Equivalent fractions lowest terms factors prime numbers prime factoring divisibility rules greatest common factor greatest common divisor GCF GCD undefined fraction proper fraction improper fraction mixed number fraction to decimal decimal equivalent repeating decimal
b Fractions multiplication reciprocal division multiplying dividing
c fractions addition adding subtraction subtracting multiples least common multiple LCM least common denominator LCD equivalent fractions
d Study skills importance of homework
Lesson 2 a Percents percent conversions
b Word problems pattern for addition pattern for subtraction model for addition model for subtraction pattern for multiplication pattern for division model for multiplication model for division
c Exponents square roots exponential expressions squaring cubing
d Math anxiety study skills
Lesson 3 a Signed numbers positive numbers negative numbers number sets real numbers rational numbers irrational numbers indefinite numbers integers whole numbers natural numbers counting numbers opposites additive inverses absolute value
b Addition with signed numbers rules for operations adding like signs adding unlike signs 
c subtraction with signed numbers rules for operations subtracting like signs subtracting unlike signs
d Signed numbers fractions decimals
e Study skills organization time management
Lesson 4 a Signed numbers multiplication rules division rules
b Signed numbers order of operations PEMDAS distributive property
c Translating word phrases into mathematical symbols operational words
d Study skills doing your best on a math test
Lesson 5 a Introduction to variables algebraic expressions terms factors numerical factors coefficients
b Evaluating expressions
c Polynomials monomial binomial trinomial
Lesson 6 a Combining like terms adding subtracting variables unlike terms adding subtracting polynomials
b Distrubutive property parentheses
c Greatest common numerical factor
Lesson 7 a Introduction to equations linear equation solving in one variable inequality solution to an equation
b Concepts in equation solving addition property of equality eliminating a term
c Multiplication division property of equality proportion equal ratios changing coefficient to a 1
d Solving equations with combined properties two step equations
Lesson 8 a Multiple step equations variable on one side
b Multiple step equations variable on both sides steps for solving linear equations
c Equations strategies decimals and fractions
d Equations solving inequalities inequality addition property for inequalities multiplication division property for inequalities steps for solving inequalities
Lesson 9 a Equations number problems creating a problem solving algebra word problems
b Consecutive integers consecutive even integers consecutive odd integers consecutive integer patterns
Lesson 10 a laws of exponents exponents on variables evaluating expressions that contain exponents
b Product rule combining like terms product multiplication rule for exponents multiplying monomials
c Power rule for exponents
d quotient division rule for exponents dividing monomials
Lesson 11 a Factoring out the greatest common monomial factor
b Multiplying binomials F.O.I.L. foil
c Factoring trinomials steps in factoring
d Rational expressions principle of zero products simplifying algebraic fractions
Lesson 12 a Geometry geometric figures perimeter formula rectangle square triangle
b Geometry geometric figures circumference circle diameter radius pi
c Geometry geometric figures area
Lesson 13 a Geometric formulas volume cubic units rectangular box cube cylinder
b Pythagorean theorem right triangle legs hypotenuse