Grammar and Punctuation Handouts and Worksheets

Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjectives with Linking Verbs
Clause – Adjective
Adverbs with Action Verbs
Clause – Adverb 


Don’t and Doesn’t
Lay and Lie
Sit and Set
Rise and Raise 

Nouns and Pronouns
Clause – Noun
Pronoun as Object (I)
Pronoun as Object (II)
Pronoun as Subject
Pronouns and Antecedents
Pronouns – Indefinite
Pronouns – Indefinite Reference
Pronouns – More About
Pronouns – Other Problems
Pronouns – Relative
Pronoun Practice (Unit 9-2600)
Pronoun – Faulty Reference 

Modifiers – Dangling
Modifiers – Misplaced
Modifiers – Misplaced and Dangling 

Appositives/Present Participle Phrases (-ing Word Groups)
Phrase – Appositive
Phrase – Gerund
Phrase – Infinitive
Phrase – Participial 
Phrase – Prepositional I 
Phrase – Prepositional II 



Objects – Direct, Indirect and Subject Complements - 1    
Objects – Direct, Indirect and Subject Complements - 2
Object – Direct
Object – Indirect
Subject Complements 

Phrase – Prepositional I
Prepositional Phrase II

Verbs – Helping
Verbs – Irregular
Verbs – Linking Verbs
Main Verbs and Auxiliaries
ACA110 - Verb Tense Editing Test

Subject-Verb Agreement
Agreement in Number (I)
Agreement in Number (II)
Agreement Problems (I)
Agreement Problems (II)

English Grammar Analysis – Understanding the Basics

Capitalization – Rules
How to Punctuate
Apostrophes/Quotation Marks
Colons, Dashes, Hyphens, Parentheses
Comma Practice/Comma Usage
Semicolon Usage