Department Information

The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to promote transformative teaching through collaboration and reflection to ensure Sinclair’s diverse students have varied opportunities for developing their potential as members of the global community.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Sinclair Community College will foster and sustain faculty development in the pursuit of exemplary practices in teaching and learning.


The CTL will look for ways to facilitate student success in its ongoing efforts to support Sinclair Community College’s diverse faculty. In keeping with the College’s Vision of “dedication to quality…excellence…imagination, and innovation,” this mission statement will be subject to periodic review.

Specific goals are as follows:

1. Classroom: To encourage innovation, classroom research, best practices, and discipline-specific and multi-disciplinary interaction.

2. Community: To create opportunities for students, faculty, administration, and the community to dialogue about teaching and learning.

3. Teaching Assessment and Peer Review: To promote faculty peer review and other strategies of teaching assessment to aid in the continual development of faculty as well as explore alternative approaches to assessment and evaluation of student learning.

4. Mentoring: To develop faculty learning communities and relationships between colleagues within Sinclair and at other institutions.

5. Resources: To provide resources that support the development of teaching and learning strategies

6. Advocate: To promote and advocate for teaching excellence throughout the Sinclair Community College community.

The Center for Teaching and Learning is under the direction of Sociology professor, Dr. Katherine R. Rowell and supported by Linda Schock.

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