2011-12 Schedule with Results


18-17 8-4
8/26 Central Ohio Invitational -vs- Muskegon (MI) Edison CC - Piqua, OH 10:00am  L (1-3)
8/26 Central Ohio Invitational -vs- Oakland (MI) Edison CC - Piqua, OH 3:00pm  L (0-3)
8/27 Central Ohio Invitational -vs- Schoolcraft (MI) Buckeye VBall Center -Columbus, OH 11:00am  L (2-3)
8/27 Central Ohio Invitational -vs- St. Clair County (MI) Buckeye VBall Center -Columbus, OH  3:00pm  L (0-3)
9/3 Owens CC Invitational -vs- Kalamazoo Valley (MI) Northwood, OH 10:45am  L (1-3)
9/3 Owens CC Invitational -vs- Lansing (MI) Northwood, OH 1:00pm  W (3-1)
9/3 Owens CC Invitational -vs- Mott (MI) Northwood, OH 3:00pm  L (0-3)
9/4 Owens CC Invitational -vs- Parkland (IL) Northwood, OH 10:00am  L (0-3)
9/4 Owens CC Invitational -vs- Genesee (NY) Northwood, OH 11:45am  L (1-3)
9/7 Columbus State C.C. Columbus, OH 6:00pm  L (1-3)
9/9 Lorain County C.C. Home 6:00pm W(3-1)
9/10 Owens C.C. Home 1:30pm L (0-3)
9/14 Miami University at Middletown Home 6:00pm W(3-0)
9/16 Cedarville University JV Home 6:00pm W(3-1)
9/17 University of Findlay JV Findlay, OH 1:00pm  W (3-0)
9/21 Edison C.C. Piqua, OH 6:00pm  W (3-2)
9/24 Lorain County C.C. Elyria, OH 1:00pm  W (3-0)
9/27 University of Cincinnati - Clermont Batavia, OH 6:00pm  W (3-0)
9/28 Columbus State C.C. Home 6:00pm  L (0-3)
9/30 Cuyahoga C.C. Highland Hills, OH 6:00pm  W (3-0)
10/1 Lakeland C.C. Willoughby, OH 11:00am  W (3-1)
10/7 Cedarville University JV Cedarville, OH 6:00pm  L (2-3)
10/8 Findlay JV (Tri-Match) Fort Wayne, IN 1:00pm  W (2-0)
10/8 Indiana Tech JV (Tri-Match) Fort Wayne, IN 3:00pm  L (0-2)
10/12 University of Cincinnati - Clermont Home 6:00pm W(3-1)
10/14 Cuyahoga C.C. Home 6:00pm W(3-0)
10/15 Lakeland C.C. Home 1:30pm W(3-0)
10/18 Miami University at Middletown Middletown, OH 6:00pm W (3-1)
10/19 Edison C.C. Home 6:00pm W(3-1)
10/22 Indiana Tech JV HOME 1:30pm L(2-3)
10/26 Owens C.C. Northwood, OH 6:00pm  L (0-3)
10/27 University of Findlay JV Home 6:00pm W(3-0)
11/4 NJCAA District Tournament vs Jackson CC (MI) Grand Rapids, MI 4:00pm W (3-2)
11/5 NJCAA District Tournament vs Grand Rapids CC (MI) Grand Rapids, MI 10:00am L (0-3)
11/5 NJCAA District Tournament vs Kellogg CC (MI) Grand Rapids, MI 2:00pm L (1-3)