Dear Pride Supporters,

We would like to invite you to join our Men’s Basketball “Sixth Man Club”.  Our goal is to raise funds to aid in the development of our Student/Athletes both on and off the court through a series of activities.

The (PEP) Player Enhancement Program was implemented during Coach Price’s first year to include a number of team building activities and personal growth exercises.  We believe the playing college athletics should include much more than just the one court experience.

Community Service project such as the MDA Telethon, Visits to VA and Children’s Hospitals are just a few off campus activities we stress as part of the personal growth.  We also bring in guest speakers from around the community to help our young men network and to see successful professionals that they can relate too.  Other off campus activities includes high profile games at the University of North Carolina in the Dean Center and the University of Pennsylvania in the Palestra (Known as the Cathedral of College Basketball) both JV games.  These games will expose our Student/Athletes to what is next after Sinclair.  We also use away games as an opportunity to visit a variety of educational sites such as the White House and The Capitol in Washington, DC.

As you can see, our Men’s Basketball team gets involved with a number of activities outside the game of basketball.  Inside the Sinclair, we have the guys signed up for tutors and study tables to assist them with the academic requirements associated with player intercollegiate athletics.

On the court, over the last three years we have won a Conference Championship and have been ranked in the top 20.  We fully expect to be ranked again this year and expect another run at the OCCAC title.

The “Sixth Man Club” is an easy way for you or your organization to contribute to the Men’s Basketball program and aid our Student/Athletes in their quest for the next level.  Please give serious consideration to joining as you can also play an important role in the development these young men lives.

Go Pride

Jeff Price

Head Men’s Basketball Coach