Engineering University Transfer (EUT/ESUP)

Larraine Kapka, P.E.
Assistant Dean
EUT Program Coordinator
P: (937) 512-2721; F: (937) 512-2936

The student choosing a career in Engineering may select a University Parallel program.  The Engineering University Transfer Associate of Science degree program is for the student who plans to transfer to a four-year college or university for a degree in Engineering.  This program is designed to bring an entering student up to the level of a third year university student in Engineering.  Course sequence is designed to transfer the basic requirements of most universities.  The student is strongly advised to consult the particular school he or she will be entering as well as a Sinclair academic advisor before signing up for different courses.  The student who wishes to earn an associate degree must complete 15 of the last 30 hours at Sinclair in order to meet residency requirements.

The student should see an academic advisor for assistance in selecting electives towards his or her major and acceptability by the receiving transfer institution.