Construction Management Technology

Course Schedule for Construction Management Technology - AAS (70 Credit Hours)

The Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management Technology program concentrates on developing technicians who can work in the construction process as drafters, surveyors, inspectors or management traninees with a curriculum that prepares an individual to progress to a management level in the exciting field of construction.

Career opportunities include:  Craftsperson, surveyor, estimator, inspector, management trainee for construction firms (commercial and residential) as well as governmental agencies.

Student Outcomes:

  • Recognize professional, ethical and societal responsibilities, respect diversity and commit to lifelong learning.
  • Function effectively in teams-demonstrating a cooperative effort to evaluate and solve problems and to develop and implement plans.
  • Use surveying equipment and software applications to safely collect data, solve technical problems and lay out construction projects.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally through proper use of oral, written and graphic skills.
  • Describe the mechanics of structural design.
  • Assist in the management of construction projects with emphasis on safety, quality and continuous improvement.
  • Employ logical and concise problem-solving techniques to complex problems.