Sinclair Community College PTA Program

Health Assessment Policy for Students Prior to Entry to Limited Enrollment/Restricted Courses


Purpose of Policy

Students initiating limited enrollment/restricted courses in the Sinclair PTA Program will be performing clinical observations during their first year of this coursework. Many clinics require health information, including up-to-date immunizations, from students prior to observing within their facility. In addition, students in the Sinclair PTA Program are required to perform many physical activities in line with their future role as a PTA. For these reasons, students will be expected to complete a series of immunizations and health assessments prior to starting all limited enrollment/restricted courses in the Sinclair PTA Program.


After students are notified of selection to begin limited enrollment/restricted courses for the PTA Program, they will be provided with the Student Health Certificate form (see below) to be completed and signed by a licensed physician.

The due date for accurate completion of this form is August 1st of the year the student is to begin limited enrollment/restricted courses for the PTA Program.

o   Exceptions to this date will be made for students given “late offers” of entry to limited enrollment/restricted courses for the PTA Program. (i.e. any student who is offered entry at a later date than when the primary cohort was offered entry).

o   In general, these students acquiring “late offers” of entry will have 6 weeks from the date of the offer to complete the Student Health Certificate.

If Student Health Certificates are not completed appropriately and submitted by the due date, the student risks being denied registration in limited enrollment/restricted courses.

o   For the student who was given a late offer of entry and has already started the Fall Term, the student risks removal from the cohort and denial of continuation in the cohort.

The following assessments and immunizations must be completed as part of the Student Health Certificate:

o   Documentation of student’s health status and ability to meet the essential functions of the Sinclair PTA Program.

o   Two-Step Mantoux Test within the past year.

o   Proof of immunity to German Measles (Rubella).

o   Proof of immunity to Measles (Rubeola).

o   Proof of immunity to Mumps (Parotitis).

o   Updated Td (tetanus / diphtheria) vaccine (within past 10 years).

o   At least the 1st step of the 3-step Hepatitis B vaccine.

Although Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine is optional, demonstrated proof of immunity to chickenpox is generally required for observation, and later clinical affiliation, in pediatric facilities.

Although not a requirement of entry to limited enrollment/restricted  courses, students will also be required to acquire an Influenza vaccine during Fall Term of the 1st year of enrollment in restricted PTA courses (students will be notified of the deadline during Fall Term).

o Failure to complete the influenza vaccine by the deadline will result in points being removed from the student’s Fall Observation Assignment grade, inability to complete observations until vaccine is acquired, and possible loss of all points allotted to this assignment.

Students will also be required to have an updated 2-Step Mantoux, an updated Influenza vaccine, and complete all 3 steps of the Hepatitis B vaccine prior to initiating clinical rotations during their 2nd year in the PTA Program.

 Student Health Certificate