Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sinclair Nursing Program lead to the RN credential?
Yes. Sinclair Nursing graduates are eligible to take the N-CLEX RN examination developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. See the section of the Nursing Handbook to learn about background checks prior to taking the N-CLEX-RN examination, as mandated by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Is the Sinclair Nursing program a two year program?
The entire program is designed, if taken on a full-time basis, to be completed in six semesters. Nursing (NSG). The only nursing course offered in the summer is the Introduction to Nursing course which may be taken by any student interested in learning more about the program and profession as well as to assist students with preparing to start the nursing courses.

Can I accelerate the course work?
No. The Nursing Program is designed so that each course builds on the course work from the previous semester. Nursing courses must be taken in sequence.

Can I attend part-time?
Many students complete all non-nursing courses on a part-time basis before beginning the NSG sequence. Clinical Nursing courses, although they may award as few as three credits, require more time than non-nursing courses as three hours of clinical time are equal to one hour of class time. Also, faculty give many assignments that require additional time in the Nursing Learning Labs. Therefore, the amount of time “part-time” nursing students spend on course work often exceeds their expectations.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for the Nursing program?
The Eligibility Criteria for the LPN and RN tracks are located in the Nursing Student Handbook located at Students interested in nursing must meet with an academic advisor to review the eligibility requirements.

What are the prerequisite courses for the RN Nursing program?
To be eligible for the RN program waiting list students must meet the criteria outlined in the Nursing Student Handbook and have completed the following courses or equivalency: ALH 1101 BIO 1141 MAT 1130 PSY 1100 ENG 1101

I am a certified medical assisant. Do I have to take the State Tested Nurse Aide (STNA) course?
Yes. While there may be some repetition in objectives, your MA courses will not have prepared you to perform bed baths, change occupied beds, perform Intake and Outputs, etc.

Do I have to be a certified nurse aid?
No. We only require that you have successfully completed a STNA course.

What are the prerequisites courses if I am an LPN and completing the LPN track?
To be eligible for the LPN track waiting list students must meet the criteria outlined in the Nursing Student Handbook and have completed the following courses or equivalency: BIO 2211 COM 2206 PSY 1100 MAT 1130 ENG 1101

I have met the prerequisites for the nursing program. What do I do now?
Once you have met the pre-requisits, you must meet with your academic advisor who will veryfy eligibility and notify the nursing department. The nursing department will then send a letter to the address on file for the college confirming your eligbility and placement on the waiting list. If you believe you have met the requirements and have not received your letter from the nursing department, please contact your academic advisor.

How many students are invited to start the limited enrollment courses in the Nursing program?
Approximately one hundred LPN and RN track students enroll each Fall and Spring semester.

Is there a waiting list for the Nursing program?
Yes. Currently, students are able to take the first Nursing (NSG) courses within approximately 5-6 semesters of attaining program eligibility. Specific information is sent in writing as students become eligible for the limited enrollment courses.

Why is the list so long?
Sinclair’s Nursing Program has an excellent reputation for quality and for affordability. Therefore, it is very popular. The faculty and administration are looking for ways to further expand capacity while maintaining quality.

Is there a way for me to by-pass the waiting list?
Students that meet the specific criteria for Accelerated Admission for Academic Achievement (AAAA) outlined in the Nursing Student Handbook may qualify for accelerated admission. Please contact your academic advisor for details.

I have taken various communication courses, such as public speaking. Do I still need Interpersonal Communication.

What if I complete all non-nursing courses in the curriculum and have still not started the nursing course sequence?
Students who are not actively enrolled in courses may stay on the eligibility list without penalty. Students who wish to continue to take courses should consider beginning coursework required for the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Academic advisors have information about these courses at Sinclair. Students can also visit the websites of area colleges and universities offering the BSN to determine specific general education requirements.

Do I have to continue to take classes while I am on the waiting list?
No. Once you are on the waiting list you are not required to take classes. However, many students use this time to completed courses toward their BSN.

I am on the waiting list now. How will I know when I can begin the limited enrollment nursing courses?
Students are invited to start the limited enrollment nursing courses each fall and spring semester. Letters are mailed to the address on file for the college to each student invited to begin the limited enrollment courses during the semester prior to the actual start date.

How often is the waiting list updated?
The waiting list is not updated until after the start of classes during fall and spring semester. If you would like to confirm your spot on the list you are encouraged to wait until several weeks into the term to call.

How much time will I spend in clinical experiences?
Amount of clinical experiences varies among nursing courses. Most require part of two to three days in the clinical area each week.

Where will I go for clinical experiences?
The Sinclair Nursing program utilizes clinical sites in a wide variety of hospitals, long-term care facilities and community agencies. Students must have reliable transportation options since they may travel as far as Atrium Medical Center (Middletown), Upper Valley Medical Center (Troy), and Greene Memorial Hospital (Xenia).

What if I have started in a different nursing program? Can I transfer into the SCC Nursing Program?
The SCC Nursing Program does have a policy for transfer students that is outlined in the Nursing Student Handbook. To explore transfer options, please contact the Academic Advising office at 937-512-3700 or

My address, phone or email has changed. What do I do?
It is critical that students maintain accurate contact information through the program. Students must contact student records to update their information.

When do I see a nursing advisor?
Prior to entry into the nursing courses, student will work with an academic advisor. Once the student begins the restricted nursing courses, advising questions are directed to the nursing faculty and nursing department.

Will the Sinclair Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Nursing from Sinclair transfer to BSN programs?
Yes. Most area colleges and universities have BSN completion programs for RN’s. The entire AAS degree transfers as a “block” of credit. This enables RN’s to achieve advanced placement and prevents repetition of coursework.

Important Information about Health Sciences Programs: The Health Sciences (HS) Programs consist of open enrollment courses (general education and division specific) and program specific courses with limited enrollment. The open enrollment courses may be taken prior to entry into the limited enrollment courses. To qualify for entry to limited enrollment courses, please see the program specific information packet located on each HS program's webpage.