Prerequisites into Limited-Enrollment Courses
1.    Once a student has Medical Assistant Technology (MAS) added to their official transcript as a program of study, he/she is recognized as a MAS student as of that date.
2.    The student’s transcript is reviewed by the MAS department for cohort eligibility (limited-enrollment course eligibility). 
3.    Students who have completed the following requirements for cohort eligibility will be added to the limited-enrollment course eligibility list in the chronological order in which all of the following requirements have been satisfied.
a.    Declaration of MAS as their program of study
b.    Completion of developmental courses, if any, resulting from Placement Test Scores: DEV 0012 (reading), DEV 0032 or 0044 (writing), DEV 0024 (math)
c.    Completion of ALH 1101 or equivalent with a “C” or better
d.    Completion of BIO 1121 or equivalent with a “C” or better (5 year rule applies)
e.    Completion of MAT 1130 or MAT 1270 or equivalent with a “C” or better (10 year rule applies)
f.     Completion of SCC 1101 with a “C” or better
g.    Completion of the TEAS test (by August 20 each year)
h.    Grade point average of 2.0 or better
4.    Inthe case that multiple students complete their requirements at the same time, students will be ranked according to the date MAS was recorded on the student’s record.
a.    If more than one student has the same recorded date, the students will be ranked according to the number of courses in the MAS curriculum they have successfully completed.
5.    Students who have indicated MAS on their record and have not completed the requirements for cohort eligibility will continue to be monitored for eligibility. If no progress is made toward completion of the cohort eligibility requirements within one (1) year of becoming a MAS student, the student will be removed from the MAS program of study.

Once removed, if the student is interested in the MAS program in the future, student must start over with seeing an academic advisor to begin the process again.