How do I apply for the EFDA course?
Request an application form (mailings are in February) from the Dental Hygiene Office (937-512-2779). If you call before February, you will be put on a list and sent a form when they become available. Review the application thoroughly and fill out ALL information requested, including employer recommendation form and copy of CURRENT certification/licensure. Return the application to the Dental Hygiene Office by the date indicated on the form. Applicants are on a first come, first serve basis with proven CDA or RDH credentials.

How much time is required of the class and what is involved?
This course is very demanding of the student’s time and energy. Attendance is required for all scheduled lectures, laboratories, and clinical sessions. The course meets twice weekly on Monday (6-9pm) for lecture and Tuesday or Wednesday for laboratory/preclinical experience (6-9pm). Open lab times are on the lab night before class. The students will be expected to attend open lab sessions on a regular basis in order to complete requirements. Weekly homework assignments include reading the textbook and manual, as well as completing specified restorative procedures on the typodont. Written quizzes and/or practical examinations are given every week during the course. Clinical (working on patients) experience is achieved through the “satellite” offices. The satellite office is a clinical externship at the student’s employment or other private dentist office. The satellite office agrees that any auxiliary trainees be supervised and graded by a licensed dentist and that all patients sign a consent form stating they are fully aware that a training auxiliary is placing their restoration under the supervision of the dentist. An example consent form is enclosed for your use. This agreement is terminated the last day of Spring Semester when the student has completed his/her EFDA training.

What is included for the course fee?
All instructional materials are provided, including: textbook and course manual. The student will purchase Kilgore typodont and prepared teeth, and necessary restorative materials and supplies needed to place restorations through Sinclair Community College. Dental instruments and handpiece to be used for typodont procedures are on loan for the entire length of the course. All clinic instruments and supplies are provided through SCC Dental Health Sciences Department.

What can I do while I wait to apply for the course?
Obtain your CDA, if you have not already done so. Contact either DANB or ODAA to learn how to do that. Update your certification (dental assistants) or licensure (dental hygienists). Your credentials MUST be current when you apply for the course. Find out as much as you can about what an EFDA in Ohio can do. Talk with a certified EFDA. Observe an EFDA during the typical workday.

How do I become a Certified Dental Assistant?
Contact either DANB or ODAA. (Information provided on Useful Links page)

What can an EFDA in Ohio do?
Contact the Ohio Dental Board to find laws and rules governing EFDA practice in Ohio. Contact ODEFA to talk with a practicing EFDA in your area.

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