Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene Technology
Working as part of a dental team, dental hygienists treat patients needing non-surgical periodontal therapy and radiographs; apply preventive agents, provide intra- and extra-oral exams and oral hygiene instructions.  Registered dental hygienists work in private dental offices, public health settings, and in higher education.
Admission Requirements:
If a student does not have college level transferable English and Math they must take the college placement tests. If a student tests into any developmental courses, the courses must be completed with a "satisfactory".
Student must provide evidence of high school level chemistry within the past five years with a grade of “C” or better OR completion of CHE 1111 (Introduction to Chemistry I) with a “C” or better.  (see Note 1)
Pre-requisite courses:
ALH 1101 Introduction to Healthcare Delivery
BIO 1141 Principles of Anatomy & Physiology I
       (must be taken within last 5 years - see Note 1)
BIO 1142 Principles of Anatomy & Physiology II 
        (must be taken within last 5 years - see Note 1)
DEH 1102 Introduction to Dental Hygiene (DEH 120 is no longer accepted)
ENG 1101 English Composition 1
All pre-requisite courses must be completed with a "C" or better and student must have an overall GPA of 2.5.
Note 1:  When a student is admitted to the program and the BIOs (including Microbiology) and/or CHE 1111 or high school chemistry will be more than 5 years old BEFORE they start the program, they are required to retake the BIOs and/or CHE 1111 before their cohort starts.
Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS):
Effective January 2, 2013, students applying to any Life and Health Sciences (LHS) program (with the exception of Health Information Management and Exercise, Nutrition and Sports Sciences) will be required to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS).
You must score an overall total of 55 in order to enter the Dental Hygiene Program effective May 1, 2015.  You may take the test twice within one year.  Any student who took the TEAS prior to May 1, 2015 and meets the prerequisites/requirements prior to the fall of 2018 will be accepted into the program with their current TEAS score. 
The purpose of the requirement is to assist in determining students’ academic preparedness for the LHS programs. Additionally, test results will assist academic advisors in providing students with recommendations for preparing for the academic rigor of the LHS programs.
It is VERY important for you to speak with an ACADEMIC ADVISOR, room 11-346,(937) 512-3700, to make sure you are scheduling the correct classes for your program of choice.
Important Information about Health Sciences Programs: The Health Sciences (HS) Programs consist of open enrollment courses (general education and division specific) and program specific courses with limited enrollment. The open enrollment courses may be taken prior to entry into the limited enrollment courses. To qualify for entry to limited enrollment courses, please see the program specific information packet located on each HS program's webpage.