Theatre and Dance Auditions


For both A Charlie Brown Christmas and Red Herring, you need to indicate acceptance of your role by noon on Tuesday October 21, 2014. If you fail to meet this deadline, you will be re-cast.

In order to accept your role, you must e-mail your bio to Patti Celek ( For guidelines in writing a bio please refer to

After you receive an email from Patti Celek approving your bio, you can pick up the script in room 2221.

Please remember, you need to maintain the physical appearance from the time of your call back. You are prohibited from altering your physical appearance, i.e. – hair color, haircut, piercings, tattoos, facial hair, significant weight gain or loss, etc., without specific approval of the costume designer for the production.  Please contact Kathleen Hotmer at 937-512-4096 if you have any questions.


A Charlie Brown Christmas:

Charlie Brown: Woody Hieb
Snoopy: A.J. Breslin
Lucy: Anna Sheldon
Linus: Greyson Calvert
Pig Pen: Matt Poliachik
Frieda: Sade Oyeyemi
Schroeder: Austin DeVaughn
Violet: Erica Savage
Sally: Haven Bradham
Patty: Rebecca Henry
Shermy: Naman Clark

First rehearsal will be held on November 17th, in the Green Room.

Remember, you are responsible for working on rollerblading BEFORE the 17th. Check your e-mail frequently, as you will be given information now as part of the company, and regarding lessons with Rodney.

Please make an effort to learn and practice on your own time as well.

Skateworld of Kettering:
         lessons $4.00 Wednesay 6-7 PM

Skyborn Skateland, Fairborn
         open skate times posted on site

Red Herring

Maggie: Jessica Zula
Frank, Priest, Hartwell: Kevin Manley
Lynn: Hayley Penchoff
James, Woody: David Brandt
Van Nostrand, Kravitz, McCarthy: Kira Miller
Andrei, Kasden, Herbert, Corpse: Skyler McNeely
Harry, Petey: Jesse Magill
Clerk, Bartender: Erin Waldon

First rehearsal will be held on December 1 at 7pm, in room 2L12

Remember, as a member of this company, you need to check your e-mail daily, you will receive information prior to the first rehearsal that will require a response.