Theatre and Dance Auditions

Deadline Extended to August 19th

Quid Pro Quo

Sinclair Theatre is auditioning non-union, Deaf male actors to portray Lucas in Quid Pro Quo, an award-winning play by Garrett Zuercher focusing on delicate perceptions of the hearing and Deaf communities performed in American Sign Language with voice interpretation. The play will be directed by Kimberly Borst with performances November 6-14, 2015 in the Black Box Theatre at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH.
About the Play
A chance meeting at a party brings two college students, Lucas and Lindsay, together and 5 weeks later forces them back together to face an unexpected pregnancy. In discussing their options they find common ground in their experiences with hearing and Deaf cultures. Lucas is deaf and fears the child will be deaf; Lindsay is hearing but familiar with misconceptions about the deaf, having grown up interpreting for her grandfather who had never received proper American Sign Language training.  Lucas exclaims: “You have no idea what it’s like to be deaf.” Each of them intensely defends their viewpoints on hearing versus Deaf experiences until at one point Lindsay proclaims: “I wish there was some way I could give you my hearing.”
Quid Pro Quo is Latin for “something for something” or “equal exchange.” Perceptions change quickly when viewed from a different place. See how experiences change for Lucas and Lindsay when an exchange is made.
To audition for the part of Lucas, a deaf, 21-year old man, college senior, please send a short audition DVD or YouTube link, resume, and a headshot to:
Kimberly Borst
Sinclair Community College
444 West Third St.
Dayton, OH 45402
Deadline for submissions is August 19, 2015
The DVD or You Tube video should be approximately 3-5 minutes in duration and demonstrate acting range (comedy, drama, etc.) and signing skills. All applicants must be over the age of 18.
Rehearsals begin October 5th.  Stipend and housing provided.

Please email with questions or for more information.  VideoPhone: (937) 641-8419 VP
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