Theatre and Dance Auditions


A Charlie Brown Christmas:

Charlie Brown: Woody Hieb
Snoopy: A.J. Breslin
Lucy: Anna Sheldon
Linus: Greyson Calvert
Pig Pen: Matt Poliachik
Frieda: Sade Oyeyemi
Schroeder: Austin DeVaughn
Violet: Sha-Lemar Davis
Sally: Haven Bradham
Patty: Rebecca Henry
Shermy: Naman Clark


Red Herring

Maggie: Jessica Zula
Frank, Priest, Hartwell: Kevin Manley
Lynn: Hayley Penchoff
James, Woody: David Brandt
Van Nostrand, Kravitz, McCarthy: Kira Miller
Andrei, Kasden, Herbert, Corpse: Skyler McNeely
Harry, Petey: Jesse Magill
Clerk, Bartender: Erin Waldon

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